Thursday, 21 August 2008

Steven Lindsay - post Big Dish

For ten years after the band's split Lindsay was busy working as a manager, producer and television soundtrack composer. He returned to the fold in 2002 to provide vocals on 'Let It Be Love', a stellar piano ballad on former Big Dish keyboard player Craig Armstrong's album 'As If To Nothing'. The album also contained contributions from Bono, Evan Dando, David McAlmont, and fellow Scots Mogwai.

Lindsay returned to the fold properly in late 2004 on his own Seminal label with the piano-driven 'Exit Music' featuring string arrangements by the Scottish Ensemble. Lindsay played and programmed all other instruments and the album, which received widespread acclaim. Critics noted its sparse nature was closer to the sound of The Blue Nile and was a marked contrast from the glossy feel of much of The Big Dish's work. The Guardian commented that "after a couple of spins the music starts to seep into your pores and play tricks with your emotions" while The Independent offered "Exit Music is a gloss-free, coffee-table pop record". I'm not sure if the latter is a compliment. Lindsay played a handful of gigs on the back of the album, instead preferring to concentrate on writing more new material.

Lindsay signed to Chrysalis and in 2007 his second solo CD 'Kite' was released, with the lead single a cover of The Pixies' 'Monkey Gone To Heaven'. Reviews for 'Kite' have been slightly more mixed than for 'Exit Music'. The List magazine commented that the songs were 'uniformally mournful but pleasant' and that the aforementioned Pixies cover "shows the Smiths-murdering Mark Ronson how to reinterpret a classic". However, CD Times noted that 'Kite' "for all its artfulness and lofty good intentions, is dreadful". Prior to the album's release, Lindsay gave a short interview to Londonist and this can be found here.

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