Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Singles

Around the late 1980's there seemed to be a plethora of Scottish bands competing for a small slice of chart action, some more successfully than others. The Big Dish's prominent early singles 'Prospect Street' (released twice) and 'Christina's World' were certainly catchy enough to have maken inroads to the charts.

Furthermore, 'Faith Healer' and 'European Rain' from the band's second record 'Creeping Up On Jesus' were extremely commercial in nature, radio friendly poprock with jangly guitar and horns very much to the fore but they still didn't have the desired impact.

The Big Dish's then label Virgin Records became restless during the recording of the band's second record 'Creeping Up On Jesus', and couldn't hear the 'smash hit' they were looking for. They tried to force the band to include a cover version on the album but the band refused. By way of comprimise Lindsay wrote the commercial 'European Rain' to order for the record company and when it, and the follow-up 'Faith Healer' both failed to chart, the band's days at Virgin were numbered. A third single 'Burn' was scheduled for release at the time when the band were dropped from the label.

How ironic it would prove then that the band should have it's first Top 40 hit with 'Miss America' in January 1991, their first single for the East/West label (a subsidiary of Warner) peaking at #38. Although the follow-up singles 'Big Town' and '25 Years' failed to chart, the band appeared to be on solid ground both critically and comercially when they called it a day in 1992. Their final album 'Satellites' received considerable acclaim and reasonable sales and the band were maintaining a relatively high profile with a support slot for Level 42 and an 2 song appearance on the short-lived Friday Night At The Dome television show.

The Big Dish - Singles

* 1985 "Big New Beginning" b/w "Jealous", "I Must Be In Love"
* 1985 "Prospect Street" b/w "Something from Nothing", "Tours"
* 1986 "Slide" b/w "Reverend Killer", "Presence"
* 1986 "Prospect Street" (Re-Release) b/w "From the Neighbourhood"
* 1987 "Christina's World" b/w "Everlasting Faith", "Prospect Street '85"
* 1988 "European Rain" b/w "Voodoo Baby", "Time On Your Own"
* 1988 "Faith Healer" b/w "Be My Friend", "Country Song", "Things Fall Into Place"
* 1990 "Miss America" b/w "From The Mission Bell", "Town Celebrity", "Roll Down The Flag"
* 1991 "Big Town" b/w "Good Way", "He Stumbled On Some Magic", "Medicine Jar"
* 1991 "25 Years" b/w "Swimmer" (live), "Jealous" (live), "Refugee" (live)

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