Monday, 18 August 2008

Big New Beginning

The Big Dish were formed in Airdrie, Scotland in 1983 and throughout the 1980s and early 1990s became one of the most celebrated bands in Scotland before disbanding quietly in 1992. The band polarized critics (didn't every Scottish band of that era?) but gained considerable critical acclaim for their subtle, sophisticated sound. They eventually charted with what was to be one of their final single releases on the East West label, 'Miss America', reaching number 38 on the UK hit parade.

Locating information on The Big Dish has become increasingly difficult with no dedicated website for the band. My intention is to put together a small blog celebrating the band's existence with links to interesting online articles and some of my own views on their music.

For the uninitiated, the band's Wiki entry. largely composed by myself, can be found here. It contains a short history of the band including track listings for its 3 studio albums, 'Swimmer', 'Creeping Up On Jesus', and 'Satellites' as well as the compilation 'Rich Man's Wardrobe' spanning the first two albums. The Wiki page did contain a raft of information on rare material but in typical Wiki fashion, this was considered superfluous and removed. I will endeavour to repost it on here in due course.

The other link worth a mention at this stage is to vocalist Steven Lindsay's website. Although this blog will focus primarily on his work with his former band, he has continued to make fine music, producing two noteworthy albums to date, 2005's 'Exit Music' and his most recent release 'Kite'. Among many glowing reviews 'Exit Music' gathered the Album Of The Year accolade from the Scotland On Sunday publication.

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