Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fake Gods 'Chords of Human Kindness' EP

Given that this is a quiet time for Big Dish/Steven Lindsay info, I thought I would bring you up to date with my own band. Fake Gods has released its 'Chords of Human Kindness' EP through Bandcamp. The 3-song EP features 'My Love Will Follow You', 'On A Sea of Fleur-De-Lis', and 'Reunion Hill' and can be downloaded for free here. All we ask in return is your e-mail address. We promise never to spam you!

The band's official website is here.


Yasuoogle said...

I've just found your blog when searching with the keyword "Creeping up on Jesus".

I'm still listening to his album above sometimes(like now..). I like it very much.
He(Steven) seems to be an painting artist now ! I didn't know about that.

Thank you for your info.your songs are also attractive as the Big Dish.
I'm envy of you such a good instrumental player and vocalist..(^^)

EKAlexM said...

Thank you for the kind comments (and apologies for the delay in getting back).