Friday, 19 September 2008

The Big Dish - Edinburgh 20 August 1988

The 'Creeping Up On Jesus' era of the band is probably the most bootlegged. That's not to say there are a plethora of superior quality recordings out there, merely decent ones like the one from Edinburgh on 20 August 1988 (venue unknown - any ideas?) This one, recorded by a mobile unit, is very listenable and took place one month before the release of the album.

The set opens, as was typical for that tour, with the opening track from the new record, 'Life', followed by 'Christina's World' complete with false ending. It's noticeable however that the band is considerably tighter than in the Liverpool show of 1985. Ignoring calls for 'Prospect Street', they debut several new songs including 'Burn', 'Jean', 'Where Do You Live'. Lindsay introduces current single 'European Rain' by suggesting the audience "may have heard it on the radio" and it receives the biggest cheer of the night. However, sections of the audience appear restless between songs and continue to holler boorishly for older numbers. Lindsay reminds the hecklers that the show is being recorded and they "should be on their best behaviour" before launching into 'Slide'. He eventually declares it's "time for some older songs" and the band offer up 'Loneliest Man', the much requested 'Prospect Street', and 'Swimmer' before rounding the show off with 'Swansong'. 'European Rain' from this show is available below.


Christina's World
Wishing Time
European Rain
Where Do You Live
The Loneliest Man In The World
Prospect Street

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